Fonda San Miguel, an old world hacienda in Austin

It’s been a difficult month for us—having gone through the stress of dealing with some health issues, the shock of my father-in-law passing a few weeks ago while we were on vacation in New York, and for missing our older son, Joshua, terribly who is currently away for a Debate Camp at the University of Texas at Austin. With all that, I haven’t had enough time (or energy) to plan a party for my husband’s 50th birthday.

For the Fourth of July, my older son had a free day from his Debate camp. We decided to drive to Austin to see him and also to start celebrating Hub’s birthday. Since time and (a ton of) money are two luxuries we don’t have at the moment, I came up with the idea of taking him “around the world” — that is, eating different cuisines at several restaurants. First stop is Mexico at Fonda San Miguel.



This place is tucked away in a residential area in Austin. The restaurant is reminiscent of a Mexican hacienda, colorful and vibrant. Interesting artwork hung on the wall, full of character and charm. Inside the main dining room is a center table that has a display of different terracota clay pots and Mexican potteries. (I also noticed that several of the waiters are very handsome. If only I could’ve taken a picture of ours 😄). Moving along, I would give the food a B. I had the Pescado Veracruzano, broiled fish filet in the traditional Vera Cruz tomato sauce with capers, onions, and Spanish olives. The fish was delicious but I didn’t see much of the capers and olives. Instead it was topped with a lot of onions (and I hate onions). Hubby got the Cochinita Pibil, a Yucatan specialty baked in banana leaves. I tasted it and it was delicious. Perhaps the best Cochinita Pibil I have had so far.



My plan for the second stop is Brazil (churrasco) but since we are still in Austin, and older son doesn’t like eating a lot of meat, we may just opt for Thai food instead. Perhaps we will do Brazilian when we go back to Dallas. All I know is we will end up in Hawaii (Roy’s) on his actual birthday because he originally planned to spend his 50th in Hawaii. I’m hoping in spite of the lack of a grand trip for this special milestone, I can make it up to him through his palate and still make it a memorable birthday celebration.



4 thoughts on “Fonda San Miguel, an old world hacienda in Austin

    1. Whoa I’m sweating now haha! Thanks! Perhaps it’s my insecurity that’s stopping me from wanting others to read my blog. Besides, I don’t have that much to say- I just write about anything that my family and I do. Not too interesting or controversial for it to get attention from anyone 😄


      1. Maybe. Maybe not. Everyone has stories in them. And everyone will have readers who are interested in that story, that might entertain them or inspire them. The hard bit is in finding them.
        Take you for example, you are a racially mixed family. To someone that’s your selling point. To someone else, the fact that you are a Mom is another. The fact that your son is or went away is another. For someone missing their son you could be their touchstone.


      2. There’s so much that I can write about. But they are all the sad part of my life. I started blogging because I thought I needed something to do but I guess you’re right, talking to yourself sometimes isn’t all that fun 😄. I was happy with a few likes here and there from strangers as long as people I know won’t discover this blog. That’s why I’ve been quiet about it. I just don’t want people I know read what I write. Yeah I’m so weird. How do you usually help people get their blog to be seem? Thank you for your time responding to me. You probably think how strange I am hahaha!!


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