32 thoughts on “Vigan, Philippines- a UNESCO World Heritage Site and New 7 Wonder Cities of the World

  1. Your blog is impressive! I just discovered it and it’s absolutely amazing! Your writing stile, the pictures, your sparkling personality…is like finding a treasure and I’m looking forward to read more. Thank you for visiting and for following my blog, I’m honored!
    Best regards,

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  2. Boots, you really made me want to go to Vigan in my next vacation. That’s a year from now. My bestfriend is based in Vigan and I see no reason now to turn down his invitation to go visit his place.

    Enjoyed your trip as much as you did!


  3. I remembered when we visited this city my friends and I were so fascinated in every corner of Vigan. Ohh.. I miss this place. 🙂 Do you travel with your kids every time?


  4. Just found your site on 3 editors, and I have to say wow, lots of travelling. I’m jealous. As a dad with a young family, travel is limited. That said, I did make it to Vigan last year (and much of the Philippines) and thought it was great. Love your pics.


    1. I have only started traveling again because my kids are now grown. But yeah I totally understand. I didn’t travel as much either when they were little. Vigan is a great city right? I hope we can follow each other’s blog. Thanks for dropping by.


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