Hiking in Patagonia: Grey Glaciers

Our telephone rang and it was someone from the front desk to inform us that we missed our scheduled hike that supposedly started at 7:45am. I was confused because one of the guides last night told me that our Fauna Tour hike was at 9am this morning. I checked my watch and it’s only 8am. We spoke with the people at Patagonia Camp for other options and we were informed there were no longer hiking trips available that day. I was so disappointed and almost in tears thinking our last day in Patagonia has been ruined. The last thing I wanted to do was to sit around and do nothing.

After a few hours of fidgeting, the manager approached us and told us we could do a private hike with Fabian but only after he takes the people in the Grey Glacier tour to their boat and while waiting for them to finish with the ride. It was such a great option, even better than the Fauna hiking tour we were originally going to do, so we put on our hiking boots and off we went!

Fabian is a charming young man from Santiago. He took us to his favorite hiking spots, where he’d usually go when he is by himself.

The terrain wasn’t difficult, just right for me and my friend, but of course my ambitious self was thinking I could’ve done something more challenging (even after experiencing hardship yesterday). Although today’s hike wasn’t difficult, we still had to deal with long ascents (I suppose there aren’t any flat terrains in Patagonia. I reminded myself this ain’t Dallas lol!).

After our hike, Fabian took us to the Glacier, where we could see massive icebergs floating in the water. While walking towards the icebergs, it rained hard again but luckily the winds weren’t that strong.

This private hike with Fabian was a great way to end our hiking expedition in Patagonia. We had a great time getting to know about him and the reasons why they all decide to become guides. He said the money was good enough to sustain their livelihood and meeting people from different countries was the most exciting part of being a guide. Also, living in Patagonia was way simpler and less stressful than living in a big city such as Santiago.

We came back to Patagonia Camp where happy hour drinks were waiting for us. I think this was one of my favorite activities there! While we were hanging around the bar having drinks, a miracle had just happened: the clouds began to clear and there it was in front our very own eyes, the view of Torres del Paine National Park!

At dinner, our server was an adorable young lady who had just graduated from high school. She told us she was taking a break from school and wanted to do this job to make money and of course meet people from different parts of the world before she begins her college life.

Seated on the table next to us were a lovely young honeymooners from Denver. I immediately took a liking to them and after hours of talking we found out that during their wedding they had all their guests take a swab to be a part of the bone marrow registry! What are the odds! I told them about my son who battled cancer twice and had two bone marrow transplants! We all couldn’t believe what we had in common. At the end of the night, we all hugged each other and hopefully someday we will meet again! ❤️

It was a beautiful night to conclude our trip in Patagonia. The journey to get there was long and tedious, definitely was no easy feat, but the rewards are unparalleled: beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and amazing food!

Tomorrow we fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Author: Boots

I'm Boots, a former flight attendant, a wannabe fashionista mom, who lived in Manila, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and now currently living in the wonderful suburbs of Dallas! I have always wanted a lifestyle of constant traveling, eating well, and shopping but my "new reality" went from holding designer bags to grocery bags, from a sports car to a minivan, and from a jetsetter to a stay-at-home mom.

11 thoughts on “Hiking in Patagonia: Grey Glaciers”

  1. Hi Boots, I am glad you got to go for your hike. The photos are stunning. So this is the Chile side of Patagonia. What is the name of the town please? It looks lovely.

    Love the story about the newly weds at the end. Life presents us with all these … these serendipitous moments.

    Just reading your comment above -I hope you are going to write up about Morocco. And the rest of Europe. If you get a chance go to Sicily. Stray safe Miss Boots. Louise


    1. We were actually located in the national park (or close to it), Torres del Paine.

      Yes, I just got back from Oxford, Madrid and Morocco. I would definitely love to go to Sicily when I visit Italy but just not sure when that is! Morocco was definitely a dream come true for me.


  2. Hi Boots! I just saw your recent note! I’m doing fine. What an amazing journey! Patagonia is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. After seeing your pics and reading about your journey, I’m even more determined to make the trip! I have to confess I’ve fallen way behind on my blog and have no good excuses for doing so! Had a great trip last summer to the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. I really should post something! I’ve read back through your blog. You had some great travels in South America! So glad to hear from you. – Larry


    1. Larry!!! It’s so good to hear from you! It’s been a long time. I went to Florida and visited St Augustine and thought about you. I thought I read a post from you about St Augustine but I can be mistaken. Anyway, wow you were all over the world and didn’t write about it? Lol! I miss reading your posts. There are so many people I’ve made “friends” through the blog but a lot of them have dropped out so I’m sad about that. Anyway, I’m off to Europe and Morocco next week! Take care Larry! Hope to hear back from you soon.


  3. Wow, those photos are stunning. It appears that everything there is gorgeous. Even the foog looked amazing. And what a happy accident that you ran in to people who support similar causes. It was meant to be! Take care!


  4. Looks like you had lovely weather. A beautiful hike I wish we had some more time for hiking when we were in Patagonia but unfortunately our stay was a 3 day trip during which the park was drenched in low fog. Last day it cleared up beautifully and we enjoyed the Glacier up close with a boat trip!


    1. The lovely weather was on and off but glad was able to see the gorgeous views at the end of our stay! I wish we had more time hiking as well. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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